What is ‘The One Seed’?

From just a single seed, a tree or even an entire forest can manifest. Falun Dafa practitioners believe that when we help spread seeds of Dafa through truth clarifying work, whether it is passing out flyers, working at the media, demonstrating the exercises, or any of the other various methods, we are helping to plant seeds of blessings to people and the world.

The purpose of this platform is to make it easy for anyone to find and share the latest information about Falun Dafa around the world. Even just one seed can make can make all the difference.

This platform empowers people to easily share and discuss links to content that can enable others to understand the truth about Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) and the persecution in China. Over the years, a great amount of incredible content has been produced, but can be difficult to find across the internet. This platform makes it convenient for us to share links, vote and discuss about content that we feel can have a strong impact.

TheOneSeed.com helps to bridge content and does not produce any content. For more information about Falun Dafa or the persecution, please visit:

The main website of Falun Dafa www.falundafa.org

Friends of Falun Gongwww.fofg.org

The Falun Dafa Information Centerwww.faluninfo.net


International Coalition to End Organ Pillaging in Chinaendorganpillaging.org

Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting dafoh.org